Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our site’s privacy policy is designed or created for the security and protection of our customer’s data. After accepting all the terms and conditions of our sites, your device and data become safe and secure from hackers and scammers. The information you provide us while connecting to our sites is just used to give you services and the protocol of the tools.

After providing your information on our site, you become unfair from leakage of your data because it was taken to open the site’s features for you. 

Interruptions : 

All the information provided to you is not only asuasuall information, it is indeed related to our services, so take all the steps seriously and follow the terms because we are responsible only when you try to complete the criteria of the privacy policy.

Purpose : 

Your data is utilized on our site to give you reach to the features and services on our network. If you will not provide this info, or in the case when you give the wrong information, then your account will not work on our site because this whole system is a well-organized service provider for you; if you make a mistake in providing data, then you are unable to get access to the service .so provide your info to corporate with the site it back your benefits.

Your cell phone or all the gadgets you will use to get access to our app to connect with our site, then we accommodate this data and link your device with service, and we will never delay providing service because it is the priority of our site to meet the high-level service provider company and locations.

Use of data : 

While maintaining your account on our website, we asked you to provide data. This data may be your number of email addresses. We asked it only to inform you about the identification error or any other issue, so it is only used in case of an update. Its additional benefit is that if someone is trying to detach your information, then the site will send you the email that it is you to try to change your password or any info.

When you visit the site, we can detach your device protocol, like the Ip address, location, or cell phone ID. It can sketch all the extraordinary information, even your versatile working framework of the internet Ip.

Use of cookies : 

We use cookies and many other advanced methods to detach the working on our sites. So we will use all aspects to secure and improve our services. When you visit our site, all your info will be automatically stored on it, but when you close this tab or site, all the information like cookies to reach your info, your ip, and all data will be automatically deleted to secure you.